Solar Stirling Plant Review – Can You Really Get Free Electricity?


The Solar Stirling Plant program is designed to help you build an electricity generator that doesn’t just work, but that will provide you with sufficient energy to stop being dependent on the provision of electricity suppliers. It does this by utilizing the rays of the sun. The  program claims that the power provided through this system is 12 times as much as what you would get out of a standard solar photovoltaic panel, and it costs only a fraction of these panels. A standard home can expect to pay at least $30,000 for solar panels, and it takes years before a return on investment is seen. However, through Solar Stirling Plant, you could actually build the system for less than $100, although $200 is perhaps a more realistic figure. That sounds really good, but does it really work? We purchase the product and gave it a try. 

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Solar Stirling Plants - RevealedHow the Solar Stirling Plant Works    

The Solar Stirling Plant uses what is known as parabolic mirrors. This allows the rays of the sun to be directed to a conversion unit. This is said to work twelve times better than a standard solar photovoltaic panel, which is a pretty big claim to make. They say that the parabolic mirrors are able to concentrate the solar rays into a much smaller area. As such, there is no need to spread out various panels all over your roof.

The technology is actually not new at all, but was developed by Robert Stirling in the early 19th century. Furthermore, a solar power plant in China, Cleanenergy AB (a Swedish company), has recently opened up, using Stirling technology. Cleanenergy AB converts solar to electricity at rates that are far higher than any plant using solar photovoltaic technology, so it seems there really is truth behind this claim.

We were able to build the products described in the package in just a few days. We were able to get all the tools we needed from our local DIY store at a minimal cost. According to the package, we should be able to generate 40% of our household electricity by using this system, and they even say that the electricity companies will soon be sending us checks as we sell on our surplus electricity. We can see how this would work, but we haven’t been able to use the product long enough to really confirm this, as we feel we would need to test it for at least one year. However, we also have standard solar photovoltaic panels and the one we built ourselves did actually generate seven times as much electricity, which is incredibly impressive. Whether this means that we will be able to make seven times more savings remains to be seen, but it is look favorable so far.

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It makes sense that the product works, once you get to understand the technology as developed by Dr. Robert Stirling in the early 19th century. He was on a mission to develop an alternative to run steam engines. These use internal combustion technology, which is what most of our engines still do to this day. However, as much interest as his product gathered, it never did take off and the past 200 years have seen it move into obscurity. Unknown to many, Stirling’s technology is still used in commercial transportation methods, mainly boats and submarines. The technology is used here because there is a need for low to no sound and full safety.

Parabolic MirrorWithin a Stirling engine, the gases do not actually leave the machine, which is very different from the combustion engine. Because of this, there is no need for venting pressure or for an exhaust. It uses a closed-cycle system, which makes the engine almost completely silent. The best thing about it, however, is that it is so environmentally friendly, although the fuel of choice does have a baring in that. It is able to cope with a range of different fuels, including biomass, fossil fuels and solar energy. Lastly, it is one of the safest types of engines, particularly compared to an internal combustion engine, where controlled explosions have to take place and high pressured gases have to be vented.

To apply this technology to a Solar Stirling Plant parabolic mirrors are used, focusing the rays of the sun into the Stirling engine. The engine looks a lot like a satellite dish, in that it focuses the waves of a radio into a receiver. The system is incredibly powerful, as is demonstrated by what would happen if you catch the ray of the sun through a magnifying glass. This is why they claim that the plant can achieve twelve times as much power. Furthermore, it requires less space and will cost a lot less than regular solar photovoltaic panels. The gas inside the Solar Sterling Plant is hydrogen, which drives pistons up and down. This turns the crankshaft in the generator and thereby creates electricity.

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Solar Stirling Plant - Energy GenerationWhat We Like

There are a number of fantastic things about this product:

  1. It comes as an eBook, meaning you have access as soon as your payment goes through.
  2. You could start generating your own electricity almost immediately afterwards.
  3. The instructions are fully illustrated and easy to follow.
  4. You get full technical support.
  5. It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

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What We Don’t Like

We think the claim of delivering 12 times as much electricity is slightly exaggerated; we measured an average of 7 times as much.

It is hard to measure whether we will really start getting checks form the energy companies, as it will take us, we believe, at least a year of testing to find this out. However, the return on investment has already been achieved.

The Verdict Stirling Solar - Go Green

We think this program is worth its weight in gold. Even if it is just for the fact that you will save money on your energy bills and that you will become greener, it is worth trying it out. The technology has been utilized for over 200 years and it is clear why: it works and it is perfectly safe.

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