HomeMade Energy Review


We live in a world that is getting depleted of fossil fuels. On the one hand, many of us are applauding this: at the very least it will force us to start going green, at least at some point. On the other hand, we still have a few decades of fossil fuels left and in our quest to harness these, we are totally destroying our planet. And it gets worse. Take a look at how your energy bills have changed over the last ten years or so, and you will notice how insanely expensive things have gotten. So how nice would it be if you, singlehandedly, could make a real difference? How good would it be if you could go green, and no longer destroy Mother Earth or pay out your rear to the big energy companies? And how nice would it be if you could achieve that for only around $200, from start to finish? Sounds impossible right? Well, this is exactly what the Homemade Energy -Review wants to explore. They claim it’s possible so we decided to purchase the product and give it a try. Here is what we found.

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Homemade Energy - Go GreenWhat You Get with Homemade Energy

The package includes seven instructional videos, a 55 page guide, seven how to videos and various sizing spreadsheets. Once you have purchase the package, you will need to also purchase the materials needed to actually build your own solar panels and wind turbines. All of this put together, however, should come in at less than $200, which is a really good investment.

Best of all, none of the materials you need are difficult to find. Most DIY stores or other hardware stores will stock everything you need, and you would be surprised to find out just how many of the materials you require are already within your home.

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What We LikedHomemade Energy - Renewable

We loved the introduction videos. They were full of fascinating information that we felt really helped us. The concept of solar power is very well explained and you will understand exactly how it works and why they are such a great concept. Furthermore, you will learn about energy conservation, which will help you reduce your existing energy bills even more. On the subject of solar panels, you will learn which parts you need in order to build your own system. We have been interested in renewable technology for a long time and have done tons of research, but we have never learned as much as what we have through Homemade Energy. The program is worth it for these introduction videos alone!

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Similarly, the how to videos are amazing. You will go through a step by step account of how to make a solar panel. The developer of the program, Bill, delivers this himself, and he will show you exactly how he made his very own panels. Just to show you how real it is, he makes a mistake during construction, which, on the plus side, shows you how to remedy the situation as well. What we learned was that all mistakes can be fixed, and that there is no need to start from scratch every time something goes wrong.

The sizing spreadsheets offered through the program are very easy to use and understand. You will find that the components for the different energy systems are clearly listed. You simply indicate how much energy you currently use and what you want to achieve with your renewables. On the spreadsheet, you will fill in your load usage (check your electricity bill for this information by the way) and enter this, at which point the spreadsheet calculates what you need in order to build your own system.

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Homemade energy -DIYWhat We Didn’t Like

There are things not to like as well, and we had to mention these things in order to give you a real impression of the whole package.

The main, or in fact the only, issue we had with the program was that it didn’t really teach us how to build a wind turbine. There are loads of instructions and diagrams, but we found these incredibly confusing and still didn’t know where to fit the hub in the end of it. We also couldn’t work out how to fit the tail shaft onto the tower. However, the program comes with excellent support functions. We just really wanted to get things done ourselves and we weren’t able to. Perhaps this means that we needed to work slightly harder at our technical skills, but considering the ease with which we had the solar panels built, we were a bit disappointed.

The only other thing is that we don’t think we could possibly replace all of our energy usage with this system, or at least not for less than $200. However, we have agreed that we will build a few more panels to see whether we can manage, and we will get around building that wind turbine for the days when there isn’t sufficient sunshine to actually produce sufficient energy.

The VerdictHomemade Energy - Live Green

We believe that anybody with the most basic DIY skills should be able to build their very own solar panels and make a real difference to their own energy usage. The how to guides are so incredibly easy to follow that it is impossible for something to go really wrong. Having a keen interest in renewable technology and all things “off the grid”, we have tried many of these programs and we have to say that this is, by far, the best one out there to date. It offers both solar energy and wind power solutions, although we couldn’t get to grips with the wind power, meaning that it teaches people how to be fully independent from the main energy suppliers. We hope that Bill will continue to work tirelessly at developing even more systems. Who knows, the next edition of his eBook may just focus on hydroelectricity and ground source heat pumps! What we do know, however, is that when a new edition gets released, we will be purchasing it right away.

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