Common Problems The World Faces In Reverting To Renewable Energy


With all of the great benefits that renewable energy has to offer, there is one question that professionals in this field need to answer so that the world can finally make the switch over to this power source; “what’s the problem?” Basically, why is the world not already using solar energy to power their homes and why is oil still being mined when there is a wealth of completely free fuels available for anyone to take advantage of? According to the experts, there are a few answers to this question.

American cartTradition

The experts of Cleantechnica have stated that tradition is one of the first and foremost reasons why more people aren’t making use of renewable energy. According to them;

Utilities are simply used to operating a grid in a 20th century model, where large-scale power plants are connected in a top-down, one-way grid to power consumers.

In order to make the switch, utilities will have to alter their entire business model, and people will have to make all sorts of decisions about where they would prefer to get their renewable power from. In the end, people like what they are used to, and so many are just not willing to venture into unknown territory, even with all of the benefits associated with these options.

Capital to Set Up Sustainable Systems

Another issue that communities need to face as they go about making a choice to switch over to renewable energy is the capital that is required to set up these plants, turbines or panels. In some instances, it can be quite expensive making the initial installation, even though the power that is generated from these sources will be virtually free for the duration in which they are run. The good news, however, is that more and more states are offering financial benefits to the individuals interested in making the switch, whether this is in the form of tax benefits or grants.

Information About Green Energy

Once again, people are wary about what they don’t know, and while renewable energy isn’t exactly a new topic, it is still relatively unknown to many people throughout the world. First of all, people need to be made aware of why they should make the switch to begin with, and as the experts at the WWF put it;

…minimizing climate change impacts will require substantial cuts in global emissions – as quickly as possible.

This means that people can and should start looking into ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint, and one of the options available is to make use of renewable energy resources, instead of the more traditional options.

Strong Leadership Backing Renewable Energy

These days, there is a distinct lack of political leadership pioneering renewable energy and this needs to change. With political leaders throughout the world backing up the idea that oil is not the future in terms of powering the world and advocating a change to renewable options, many more people will begin following in these footsteps.

In the end, there are certain barriers that we need to overcome in order to make renewable a viable option for just about everyone in the world. At this point in time, it might seem like there are so many obstacles in the way that a world powered by renewable energy is too impossible to achieve, but there are plans in place to accomplish this as soon as the year 2050. There is still a lot that needs to be done to reach this goal, but with every passing year, we are one step closer to achieve what we never thought was possible; a cleaner, greener future.

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