Benefits Of Driving Alternative Energy Cars


Hybrid cars have really made a statement in the automobile industry over the past decade. There are so many people that are looking for these cars so that they can reap the benefits that come along with them. If you have never considered an alternative energy car, take a look at the benefits and see if it is for you.

Car MileageSave Money

One of the main reasons that people choose to buy a hybrid car is so that they can save money. Others think that it is ridiculous to go out and spend extra money on a hybrid just so that they can save money on their gas prices. While gas prices are usually lower for this type of vehicle, the money savings goes much further than that. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center:

Although fuel costs for hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles are generally lower than for similar conventional vehicles, purchase prices can be significantly higher. However, prices are likely to decrease as production volumes increase. And initial costs can be offset by fuel cost savings, a federal tax credit, and state incentives.

So, not only will you be able to save money on fuel for your vehicle, but you will also be able to take advantage of tax credits and other government incentives that have been set forth in an effort to get more people to ‘go green’.

Help the Environment

This day and age, it is hard to go anywhere without hearing something about ‘going green’ and protecting the environment. Air pollution has definitely taken its toll on our environment, and it is difficult to know just how much more pollution we can take without it becoming an even greater health hazard. Maria Ortega wrote a special feature for and said:

More than half the air pollution in the United States is caused by mobile devices, primarily by automobiles. These greenhouse gases that vehicles emit, such as carbon dioxide, are wreaking havoc on the ozone layer as well as polluting the soil and surface water in many cases.

By switching to an alternative energy car, you can cut down on the air pollution, which means you will be doing your part. If more people would do their part, the world would be a better place to live.

Consume Less Oil

Our natural resources on earth are not sitting there replenishing each and every time we dip into them. In fact, they are considered to be non-renewable. The more oil your vehicle consumes, the more you are dipping into our limited supplies of natural resources. Sue Lynn Carty writes on

Non-renewable resources are energy sources that we use and consume faster than nature produces them. Fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, take centuries to form naturally, and crude oil takes millions of years to form. These resources are not infinite and over time, most experts believe they will cease to exist.

Before we run completely out of our natural resources, it is important to learn ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint and conserve what we have left.

Drive in the HOV Lane

While this benefit isn’t the greatest of them all, it can prove to come in handy. These HOV lanes are also known as High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, and are normally reserved for carpoolers; however, when you drive a fuel efficient, alternative energy vehicle, you get added perks that other solo motorists don’t. So, if you want to shave some time off of your commute, it may not be a bad idea for you to look into your options when it comes to buying a hybrid car.


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