Alive After Crisis Review – The Guide to Staying Alive

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Mother Nature can be as kind and generous as she is deadly. Today’s technology allows us to have access to news about coming storms and earthquakes for which we can all be prepared. However, there are always going to be times when the magnitude of the oncoming disaster is under reported. For instance, the effect of the disaster which was hurricane Katrina could have been avoided if people had been warned earlier on to evacuate. Due to the strength of the hurricane and the people being unprepared, lives were lost and people were left stranded and scared. These kinds of incidents may be inevitable, but you don’t have to just sit back and allow yourself to be the victim.

Everyone should have access to information about what they should do when a crisis or a disaster strikes. Many of these disasters catch people off guard, and therefore they are left with nothing. Some of these disasters aren’t as blatantly obvious as storms and floods, but instead they’re as insidious as prices slowly creeping up, or food supplies suddenly dwindling. People who are left to fend for themselves should be able to survive on their own or in a group, even if they have minimal resources at hand. There are many websites which offer free information about how you can prepare for a disaster, and what you should do when it strikes. However, these websites often give out wrong, misguided or conflicting information. The best way to get reliable information is from a certified expert who has had years of experience in the field.

Alive After Crisis  Disaster PreparednessAlive After Crisis

Richard Marshall has created a new emergency planning and crisis survival program which he has based on more than 22 years of experience. He has worked in both federal and state emergency operation centers. He holds more than 75 certifications specializing in counter-terrorism, decontamination, WMD’s and HAZMAT. And with all the knowledge he has gathered in the field, he has decided to share the lessons he’s learned with all American citizens who want to know how they can survive during a crisis such as a storm, a flood, a typhoon, or even a food and water shortage.

Alive After Crisis is a guide which consists of five survival modules packed into one volume. It may seem like it wouldn’t be enough information, but you’ll be surprised. Out of this one single volume, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to avoid the psychology of the masses and the riot mentality which can end lives
  • The biggest threat in any crisis situation and how to avoid this threat
  • The simple lifesaving trick which ensures you have safe drinking water even when your supplies are gone
  • How to turn polluted rainwater into clear drinking water
  • How to stay warm when you’ve lost heat or power
  • How to avoid going into shock during a crisis using a strategy which has never failed
  • How to make home cooked meals even without power or gas
  • The truth about firearms and whether or not you should own one, and also how to ensure you and your family are safe should you choose to have access to a gun
  • How to be fully informed with updated news even if you don’t have power
  • How to keep your food stocks from spoiling
  • The essential food items you must have on hand in order to survive
  • How to identify the common scams which thieves use to lure you outside of your home and steal your food, as well as the simple trick for keeping them from getting to your supplies
  • How to avoid getting robbed on the street, and how to get away safely if a thief should make any attempts
  • How to give your family a sense of security in order to keep the morale up in your home, and ensure that there are less conflicts between the members of your family
  • How to turn your home into a bunker which is virtually impenetrable by intruders
  • The three essential self-defense secrets which can spell the difference between life and death
  • The seven essential items you must have on your person at all times to ensure that you can find your way back to your family
  • How to assemble a first aid kit which can match those in a fully-equipped ambulance

Richard Marshall asserts that by the time you’re done reading Alive After Crisis, you and your family will be the most prepared and most knowledgeable family on the block. You’ll be able to avoid all threats, all possible shortages, and all possible conflicts by being completely prepared.

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Alive After Crisis Five Survival ModulesPrice and Product Description

Alive After Crisis is a digital download which can be purchased for $27. Along with the Alive After Crisis Module are three more bonuses: Surviving the Wild Outdoors, Guide to Canning and Preserving, and 101 Ways to Prepare for Emergencies. These bonuses originally cost $151, but they are absolutely free with every purchase of Alive After Crisis. It also has a 100% money back guarantee.

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What We Like About This Product

  • Alive After Crisis certainly covers all the areas of survival and leaves no stone unturned. It covers shelter, food, storage, water and even morale in the module to ensure that your family is kept safe, nourished and secure even during the worst part of a crisis.
  • The parts about self-defense and guns are really helpful since it’s the part which teaches you what to do when other people may threaten you. Of course, nobody really wants violence, but with Alive After Crisis, at least you won’t be on the losing end when there is violence.
  • Alive After Crisis stresses the importance of being prepared, so this means that even when you haven’t caught wind of a crisis yet, it’s best to make sure your stocks are full and your home is ready when it hits. Many survival guides only teach you what to do when the disaster is here, but Survive After Crisis shows you what you can do before it even hits your shores.

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What We Don’t Like About This Product

  • All this information is great, but you still have to learn how to remember all these things when faced with disaster. The fact that this is a digital download means you can keep a copy of it in your phone and laptop or even print it out when there’s no more power.
  • It may be scary, but all the information laid out by Richard Marshall can become reality when disaster strikes.

Preparedness Training For Natural & Man-Made DisastersOur Final Say

No one wants to be the victim of a crisis. Alive After Crisis ensures that you and your family will be the survivors even in the worst situation. Preparation is key in these kinds of situations, so having a comprehensive guide around to teach you what to do and what not to do can be your most powerful defense against any threat.

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