5 Changes You Can Make To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


The whole concept of “going green” is fraught with ideas about having complex energy systems installed and boycotting just about everything and this might be the reason why so many people shy away from it. The truth is that you can go green in small ways and make a big impact on the earth, even if it is just in the long run, and you don’t need to make all that many changes to accomplish this.

High Carbon Footprint - Drowning in Paperwork Pay Your Bills Online

Most companies understand the impact that sending out paper bills can have on the environment, which is why many tend to have an electronic option for their clients. Opting to have your bills emailed to you ensures that you retain a copy without having to waste paper on them. When it comes to paying your bills, opt to pay everything online so that you don’t have to send off your checks in the mail, wasting even more paper.

Keep in mind that when paying anything online, you need to make sure that you are opting for a secure site that has put all of the relevant security measures in place to protect your information; alternatively, pay everything through online banking.

Don’t Waste Electricity

Switching off a light whenever you leave the room might not make a huge difference to your electricity bills, but it will make a difference in the long run. Be as cautious with your use of electricity as you should be with your water usage; you wouldn’t leave a tap running when you leave the bathroom, so why leave the lights on?

According to the experts at the Daily Green;

Open windows to let the light in, turn off unneeded lights and appliances, and unplug unused electronics to counter the ‘energy vampire’ effect.

There are other things that you can do to save on electricity, including washing your laundry in cold water. Remember, even the smallest efforts can make a big difference when everyone pitches in.

Businesswoman rides bike to workRide Your Bike or Walk

In this day and age most people immediately turn to their vehicles (if they have one) when thinking about running an errand, but why not choose to walk or ride a bike instead? If you have to run an errand that is less than two miles away, you’ll actually benefit from taking a ride there and back, so consider using your two legs to get you there, instead of wasting gas.

Buy at the Farmer’s Market

One of the simpler ways to go green, According to the Simple Mom is to;

Support your local economy and shop at your farmer’s market

Imported goods cost a lot more in terms of packaging, fuel and other resources, which is why it is environmentally friendly to support your local farmers. By putting more money into their pockets, you’ll be helping to expand a business in your local area, allowing them to possibly increase the range of goods that they have on offer. Even if this option is slightly more expensive, it might be worth your while to look into this.

Sign Up For Green Power

There are many companies offering Green Power throughout the country, so look into signing up with them. These businesses draw their resources from green power plants, and the more customers they draw, the more they can expand their offerings.

Going green doesn’t have to be a big feat of will or resources; there are simple ways that ordinary people can ensure they are well on their way to reducing their carbon footprint and making a world of a difference at the same time.

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