4 Ways Social Media Has Helped The Green Initiative


“Going green” is a phrase that many people have heard by now, and it involves making changes that will contribute to the well being of the earth, as well as prevent the destruction of the only place humans have ever called home. Social media has also risen to great heights over the past few years, and so it wasn’t long before people make the decision to use it to their advantage to spread the word about their green initiatives.

Social MediaSpreading The Word

Most people are aware of what happens when a video or picture “goes viral” online; when this happens, millions of people are exposed to a video or picture in a very short space of time. What many don’t realize is that this can actually be utilized for purposes other than entertainment, such as spreading the word about a good cause.

Those who want to garner support for an organization or cause don’t only reach ordinary people, as Geoff Livingston explains, since it can also be used to;

Send a message to world leaders for urgent, meaningful change for the planet.

World leaders are the only thing standing in the way of real environmental change, which is why people need to make sure their voices are heard when they reach out to them. Social media sites can go a long way in assisting with this.


Spreading the word about something isn’t very helpful if people don’t have a way of learning more about it, which is why it is so important for those behind green initiatives to blog. As the experts of Landscape Leadership put it;

For any green industry business who is serious about marketing their products and services online, the absolute first step should be a commitment to blogging on a regular basis.

Blogging helps an organization provide readers with more in-depth information about the causes that they are taking on, and as many are aware, you can increase the value of your online profile by connecting it to a blog and promoting the posts on your social media page.

Blogs that are updated regularly provide a platform for an organization to speak to people that follow its cause, and social media sites help to promote these blogs.

Start a Movement

For those who want to start instigating real change with their organization or idea, they will most likely want to make use of social media sites, because this is a great way to get people interested. Hosting an event or making use of an app can help you accomplish your goals in a variety of ways. Consider the Save Your Water Calculator that was recently advertised on Facebook; this basically allowed people the chance to calculate how much water they use within their household and then put measures in place to conserve more.

Get Celebrities Involved

Celebrities have been making use of social media platforms in a big way to promote their ideas, ideals and even themselves. When a celeb takes up a cause and starts promoting it on a social media site, people tend to get excited about it, and this gets them talking; this alone is enough to start generating more interest in the cause and even help an organization achieve some of its major goals.

Social media sites have played significant roles in improving the amount of interest that people have in green initiatives, as well as assist people in starting their own. Basically, these platforms have given ordinary people a voice and allowed them to achieve great things, and there is no telling where this might lead to in the future.

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